January 21, 2017

Before you go any further be aware you may get baby fever – don’t say I didn’t warn you!

One of my favorite things ever is getting to snuggle a squishy new baby during a newborn portrait session! I get baby squishes and I get to do what I love all in one day. I hade the opportunity to capture this sweet baby a few weeks ago and I am pretty sure I asked her momma if I could keep her 10+ times

This session was a little different than my typical newborn session as this sweet baby was 6 week old. Typically I capture a newborn within the first 10-12 days of birth, mostly because they sleep better and let me mold them a little more. I will say this little one gave me a run for my money – but I got ever shot I wanted.

image asset 21

image asset 22

image asset 23

image asset 24

Once I got baby K to sleep she was out and let me pose her any way I wanted! As we all know each baby is different, and each session can go in a different direction. She preferred being on her belly, once I discovered that she preferred to be on her belly I kept her on her belly and worked around her!    


The second I moved her from her belly she was wide awake, but I was okay with that because she has the most amazing big beautiful eyes! I almost had a hard time shooting because all I wanted to do was stare at her beautiful face!

image asset 25

Lets all take a second and stare and her beautiful eyes!

After she woke up I wrapped her up and she was happy as can be! She was trying to Houdini out of my wraps and boy was she strong!  

image asset 26 scaled

image asset 27 scaled

After getting my baby snuggle fix in, I captured some amazing photos of momma and her princess. If I can give moms one bit of advice when booking a newborn session – when your photographer asks you if you want to be in the photos SAY YES. I know the last thing any mom wants to do after being up all night with their sweet new squish is think about putting on a bra, let alone having to brush their hair.  I promise you once things have settled down (it will happen) you will be able to look back and be so thankful you have those special moments between you your new little. You may even cry, because well… (hormones).

I always feel like at the end of a session I know my clients so much more than I did when the session started! I can honestly say I feel like each client is a new friend once I am done shooting.

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