Indulge in the hassle-free joy of capturing your little one's special milestone with our all-inclusive cake smash photoshoot services. At Lydia L Photography, we pride ourselves on offering a seamless experience where we take care of everything, ensuring you can fully enjoy the magical moments.

Experience the magic of a cake smash photoshoot, where every crumb becomes a delightful memory, capturing a pivotal milestone in your child's journey. Our sessions blend the joy of discovery with creative flair, resulting in emotionally rich photographs that encapsulate the essence of your little one's early years. These tangible memories serve as cherished keepsakes, allowing families to relive the fun, laughter, and unique personality of their child for years to come. Share the love, share the joy – because some moments are too sweet not to be remembered forever.


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Lydia is an absolute amazing photographer and offers a one of a kind experience. Her birth photography is so raw and so real and looking back on those images reminds you of all the mixed emotions and how you felt seeing your baby for the first time. It is something truly so special and she captures it so beautifully.

And when it comes time for the little ones first birthday, again..choose Lydia! Her cake smash photography is so fun, colorful and she includes “everything” you need for your session and the babies have a blast! She takes care of it all.

Every birthday is special but there is something EXTRA special about the first birthday!

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Lydia has the ability to take magical pictures. She helped my son through the process, never pushed and had a whole plan that works with kiddos. I loved all the pictures we got and the quality is more than excellent.


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