January 13, 2017

I don’t think I can express enough how much I LOVE capturing such special moments in my clients lives! It is even more special when I get to document multiple milestones in a families life – like how lucky am I that I get to be apart of your life for so many exciting moments! 

MJ24 1

I had the opportunity to capture {yet another} amazing milestone in this family’s life!  Before we go any further lets take a second to look at how amazing this family looks!

Okay I am ready – Lets take a quick trip down memory lane with the Jaimes family! 

Isn’t she absolutely perfect! I have watched this little peanut grow up, and soon I will get to capture her and her little brother! As always we had an amazing time during their session. ::despite the fact that the mosquitos were trying to eat us alive::  This little peanut is always a little shy with me – but I had a blast trying to get her to laugh!

The number one question I get from clients who book a session with me is … How should I dress?

I want to take a bit to discuss how perfectly this family dressed for their session – They are matching, but they are not too matchy matchy! They coordinated colors perfectly, down to their little ones shoes. It is important that you remember that you don’t want your family to blend in by selecting all of the same color shirt – but you want everyone to fit together as a whole.

image asset 28

Keep in mind when shopping for your family for family portraits to pick something that you will fee comfortable in! Look for colors that compliment you – and keep prints to a minimal. Despite how cute shirts with logos, and sayings they are not ideal for a family portrait session!  

image asset 29

image asset 30

image asset 31

image asset 32

If you need guidance I am more than happy to help you pick outfits and style something perfect for your family! It is one of my favorite aspects of what I do!  Be sure to stay tuned to meet baby boy Jaimes!


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