January 28, 2017

We all have something that makes us tick right? The thing(s) that motivates us to try our hardest, to strive for the best, to be more than we absolutely could imagine ourselves to be. I have always felt as if I were motivated regarding my business, but I didn’t realize how motivated I actually was until I had my daughter.

After having my daughter I realized I wanted to capture every moment, every milestone – basically everything. I wanted to remember every thing about her. I wanted to remember more than just her perfect smiles; i wanted to capture her tears and all of her firsts.

image asset 18

image asset 19

image asset 20

I found the more I captured her, the more I wanted to learn and grow, and perfect what I love doing. I did not realize it but she was helping me become a better photographer. 

we always have a blast while shooting – we put on her favorite music and let her have a blast! IT’S never a dull moment with her and that is what makes it so much fun!

image asset 2

A lot of people have asked how I get her to cooperate while shooting — I keep everything really simple and just let her be 3!

I am so lucky to have so much inspiration from such a little human!

image asset 3


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